Water & Space Heaters

Repair and install water or space heaters. let us check your heater is working correctly, safely and if not we can repair or if needed replace it for a shiny new one so you can have a hot shower or warm stay in your caravan when you like!

Brake & Hitch

Repairs, service and maintainence of your road safety features. for example, correct operation of the overun braking system, handbrake, hitch attachments, 12V road lighting and corner steadies. 

(some older models parts are hard to get)


Gas safety checks

Make sure your van is leak free and that all of your gas appliances are working correctly without effecting your safety and enjoyment of your leisure vehicle. 

Please note where gas is concerned I can only work on privately owned vehicles intended for holiday purposes only.

Batteries and electrical systems

Get your 12v and 240V electrical systems up and running to what they should be. Make upgrades for off-grid camping at festivals, stop overs and keeping your Caravan or Motorhome battery topped up while it's not in use.